Debbie Barnett


Nice Book

I really loved reading the book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the game.


Excited to Play!

I’d never played the game, but so many in my family do. In just a few short hours I now feel confident I could play and even teach the basics.

The book has really convenient bolded words which can be referenced in the glossary, colored pictures, and helpful reminders throughout.

A very quick and easy read. I’m excited to play!

Michael Albert


As someone who has a group I started in April called Mah Jongg For Beginners, I would definitely recommend this book to all our new players. With a Step-by-Step Guide in how to play the game and illustrations that solidify play, it’s the perfect book for beginners. We have now updated our name to Mah Jongg for Beginners & More as our group has grown to over 100 players. It’s obvious this is a game that people want to learn.

Helen McCusker


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