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Learn to Play American Mah Jongg with Debbie’s Golden Rules of Mah Jongg – Part IV

Learn American MahJong with Debbie’s Golden Rules of Mah Jongg – Part IV

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and/or friends. I bet some of you even played mah jongg on Christmas day. Did you remember to take my Golden Rules with you? If not, print a copy of my Golden Rules now, and bring them to your next game. Learn to play American Mahjong (also mahjongg, majiang, mah-jongg, mah jongg) with etiquette by putting good habits and behaviors to work.

Before you read on, take the time to read through Part I, Part II, and Part III in this blog series.

Navigate through the changes you need to make by first understanding the differences between habits and behaviors. How many of my Golden Rules do you already practice? Whether you practice one or all 17, why not work on one new rule a week? Set a goal for yourself and watch your habits and behaviors transform you into a player everyone is proud to have around their mah jongg table.

Golden Rule #9: After a game is over, don’t ask another player why they made a chosen move. You are not the mah jongg police patrol, and each person is entitled to make their decisions about what or what not to do during gameplay. 

“Who made you the mah jongg police, anyway?” This is what I think when a game is over and one of the players flashes their badge and says, “Why did you throw that tile when you knew she needed it?” or, “I wouldn’t have done that!” As stated in Rule #8, everyone sees things differently. People learn differently and have their own style of playing.

I must admit that I am at fault for taking out my police badge occasionally. This happens when the teacher in me shows up. I have to remind myself to put the badge away. Not so easy to do especially when someone throws a flower with only a few tiles left in the wall.  However, mah jongg decisions that someone else makes are not the end of the world. Let it be. Creating more harmony than discourse should be the way.

Keep in mind that reading a good beginner book such as my book, “Unlocking the Secrets of American MahJongg,” or any other mah jongg tutorial or American mah jongg strategy book, will help you learn American mah jongg rules. It will not, however, teach you mah jongg etiquette.

Stay tuned . . . rule #10 is just around the corner!

Happy Mah Jongging everyone!

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2 responses to “Learn to Play American Mah Jongg with Debbie’s Golden Rules of Mah Jongg – Part IV”

  1. lori says:

    Player pics north from the table and exposes NEWS. She had no other exposures. I challenged it because I thought NEWS could only be exposed for mah-jongg but I Was overruled by the other players. was I wrong?

    • Debbie Barnett Author says:

      You are 100% correct! The NEWS hand last one in the 2019 section, is a concealed hand. You can not expose anything from that hand unless the tile thrown is your mah jongg tile. If it were an exposed hand, you still couldn’t call it unless it was your mah jongg tile as all tiles in NEWS are single tiles! Best regards, Debbie

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