Debbie’s Golden Rule #17 – Praise the winner and their winning hand; you would expect nothing less from others.

Golden Rule #17: Praise the winner and their winning hand; you would expect nothing less from others.

How easy is it for you to have just lost a hand and congratulate the winner on a hand well played? Or, are you the type of player that immediately talks about everything that didn’t happen with your hand and why? With my Golden Rules at hand you can easily learn to play Mah Jongg with Etiquette.

I’ll come clean here . . . I have failed at this Golden Rule now and then. Thankfully, I have been practicing my own rules regularly; as soon as I start to wallow in my frustration of losing, my angel of consciousness swoops in, and I congratulate the winner.

Golden Rule 17 might be the Yang to Golden Rule #16’s Ying.  For those of you that use both rules, you’ve created a symbiotic relationship; A humble winner displays graciousness and to congratulate a winner displays good sportsmanship.

As much as these two Golden Rules seem to be a match made in heaven some have a better handle on one than the other. Not all Mah Jongg players can win graciously and be happy for another when they lose. Are you better at one than the other?

Why not challenge yourself to work on a few new Golden Rules each week? Practice, practice, practice, and you will be amazed at how you can turn old habits into new habits before you know it.

Learning to play Mah Jongg with Etiquette is something with which we can probably all improve. Since there are no books on Mah Jongg Etiquette, why not print out my Golden Rules and use them as your guide. Please share them with others and spread the word. Everyone can learn to play Mah Jongg with Etiquette, good habits and behaviors around the Mah Jongg Table and in doing so, can improve everyone’s experience. And, most of all, don’t forget to add some kindness to your game.

Want to learn to play? Read Unlocking the Secrets of American Mah Jongg and visit my new online, interactive School of American Mah Jongg.

Happy Mahjonggin, everyone!

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  1. Tina

    Such a lovely rule to play by. Thx!

  2. Deanna Dee Gaudineer

    Mah Jongg is fun! Win or lose time flies by…

    1. Debbie Barnett Author

      It sure does!

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